Osiris 5e

She is known as Isharia in Thayand by the name Ishtar in Unther. Isis, with the assistance of Nephthysresurrected Osiris when he was murdered by Set. During the Second SunderingIsis and other deities from the pantheon returned in the form of demigods and led the Mulhorandi uprising against the Imaskariin a manner similar to how the Chosen manifested in other regions.

As of DRMulhorand was led by the returned pantheon, who temporarily set their differences aside for the good of the Mulhorandi people.

Isis is the daughter of Geb and Nut. The nonevil members of the Mulhorandi pantheon are allies of Isis, as is Sharess. The Bountiful Lady considers Chauntea a confidant and friend. Due to their similar portfolios and differing alignments, Isis often finds herself in conflict with Sebek. Outside of the Mulhorand deities she was on mildly good terms with Mystra and in opposition to the goddess Sharbeing opposed to all usage of the Shadow Weave.

Isis can fly and communicate with other members of the Mulhorandi pantheon over great distances. Her voice charms those that hear it, and her will can stun those around her.

She can harm her enemies with a simple touch. Those who have known love of another cannot harm the Lady of all Love. Isis' will is often demonstrated through the actions of white creatures and animals, such as unicornsrabbits, and hawks. Priestess of Isis. Clerics of Isis spend much of their time administering to the agricultural needs of Mulhorand, as well as the needs of typical home life.

Temples dedicated to Isis remain open to the weather, and flowing water is often incorporated in their construction. Worship of Isis is seen most often among the common people of Mulhorand.

Clerics of Isis typically wear a white linen dress with sandals. They usually wear a wig over shaved heads, and paint three blue circles on their forehead as a symbol of their status as a priest of Mulhorand.

When preparing for combat, priestess of Isis tend to shy from the use of armor. They otherwise equip them selves practically for the situation.

osiris 5e

Divine spellcasters of Isis pray for spells before the first meal of the day. Organizations sponsored by the church of Isis assist other through their mastery of magic. The clergy of the church of Isis celebrate a number of rituals on a daily basis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Resurrection of Osiris. Faiths and Pantheons. Wizards of the Coastpp. Powers and Pantheons. TSR, Incp. Player's Handbook 5th edition. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.

Wizards of the Coastp. The Mulhorandi Pantheon. Deities of the Post— Second Sundering Era. Deities of the Post- Spellplague Era.Osiris is the god of the dead, fertility, and king of the gods. The Lord of Crops, lord of the dead, and the Green Priest are all titles given to Osiris by his followers. He generally appears as a tall, green man with no hair. He dresses in white robes and wears a golden crown the extends upwards, then curls down at the top.

Osiris controls the growth of crops. If he wishes for a certain village's corn to flourish, then they will. Also, he is the god of death, so he often clashes with other gods of death, such as the Raven Queen. Anyone may worship Osiris.

D&D 5th Edition

Most of his followers, however, are humans or devas, though some githzerai followers do exist. Osiris resides in a grand palace carved of an indestructable stone that appears to be sandstone. This palace rests in a rolling sea of sand, which in turn drifts throughout the Astral Sea. His temples are located verywhere, though they are most prevalent in the mortal world or the Shadowfell.

Followers of Osiris partake in the same quests as other adventurers. However, as Osiris is the god of crops, they often take on missions that involve fields of dying crops.

This occasionally alienates them from those who do not worship Osiris, who see this practice as strange. They also enjoy quests that involve the undead, as those creatures are in direct violation of the laws lain down by their god. Worshippers of Osiris must pray five times a day: once at midnight, once at sunrise, once at noon, once at supper time, and once at sundown.

This often gets in the way of quests, as the only reason they cannot partake in prayer is if they are physically or emotionally unable to. Temples to Osiris are often simple. They are made of polished sandstone or some other stone that has a similar appearance, and they occasionally feature large engravings that depict significant seens in history.

The insides of the temples varyies greatly depending upon who made it, but they usually have a row of tan pillars leading to a pedastal, atop which rests the Book of The Dead, the codex from which all followers of Osiris read. Followers of Osiris partake in very few rites that distinguish them from other holy worshippers.

However, once a day, they must drink mint tea and eat a bowl of corn, no matter where they are in the world. The only exception to this is if the follower is physically unable to eat the corn or drink the tea. The followers of Osiris are welcoming to everyone but evil and chaotic evil beings. Their most prominent allies however are followers of Isis, Set, or Ra. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : 4e User Deity.Vanguard formerly Cult of Osiris.

Vanguard Commander formerly. Warlock DawnbladeSunsinger. Hero of Six Fronts Exiled from the City. During his exile, Osiris continued his research on the Vex and discovered the Infinite Forest on Mercurywhich he proceeded to explore to thwart the Vex's plans for the Solar System. After being aided by The Guardian and Ikora Rey in stopping Panoptes, Infinite MindOsiris reestablished connections with the Last City and continued exploring the Infinite Forest while seeking the means to save Saint from his death within the Vex machine.

After succeeding in saving his friend, Osiris departed Mercury to gather allies and information about a dark future he saw approaching the solar system. During the earliest days of the Last CityOsiris studied under the Warlock Iron Lords Felwinter and Nirwen and eventually became as legendary as them, although he never joined their order. In the aftermath of the Fallen attack on the Last City known as Six FrontsOsiris met with Saint on a Tower platform that overlooked one of the roads into the city, which was still aflame and strewn with debris from the recent battle.

Osiris commented upon his friend's new title of Vanguard Commander and called it ludicrous, but the Titan retorted that the Consensus had wanted new leadership in the aftermath of the near destruction of the Last City. As he manipulated a Vex device, Osiris reassured his friend that he was sure he would serve them well, but was astonished when Saint declared he would be giving up the position for a special mission given to him by the Speaker to be a soldier, not a Titan.

Noting his wording, Osiris worried over what the Speaker had requested of him and declared the Speaker was leading him astray after Saint revealed he had been ordered to take the fight to Fallen across the system and hunt them down. Osiris attempted to argue that the Fallen were not so different from them and had lost much in their past, including the Traveler. His friend refused to listen, declaring that he did not believe that story and that the Fallen were all the same and had done too much to humanity.

Osiris countered that the Vex and the Darkness were the true enemies and that the Fallen were nothing compared to them, angering the Titan, who told him to just look past the wall at the destruction caused by the Fallen. Osiris stated he simply saw the whole picture and ignored the allegation that he had lost sight of why the Guardians fought.

He questioned who Saint was going to recommended to be his replacement, and was stunned once more when the ex-commander chose him. Caught off-guard, Osiris questioned if Saint really wanted Osiris to have control over all of the Last City's resources. His friend informed him that despite their disagreements, he believed Osiris was one of the few who could protect the Last City and that should the Fallen ever come in force again he would need to defend the Last City in Saint's stead, a condition which Osiris readily accepted.

Despite his criticisms of the Speaker, as Vanguard Commander Osiris and the Speaker grew close, and he became the Speaker's apprentice for a time. While Saint failed to find Taniks, the mercenary was found by Cayde-6a comrade of Nian's seeking revenge, and was believed to have ended the life of the notorious Fallen, although Taniks secretly survived.

Osiris attended a party thrown in celebration of Taniks' supposed demise and to welcome Andal Brask to the rank of Hunter Vanguard, which he had to accept due to losing a bet with Cayde about who would kill Taniks.

Osiris' desire for truth about the purpose of Guardians and the nature of Darkness drove him to madness. His theories were not only considered borderline blasphemous, but he was also diverting Guardians and resources away from protecting the City and refugees, and towards chasing legends and rumors, such as the Vault of Glass ; it's implied that he was the one who inspired Kabr, the Legionless into going into the Vault.

Before his exile, his student Ikora Rey and his old friend Saint made numerous attempts to bring him back to leading the Vanguard but Osiris refused, growing more obsessed with his research on the Vex.Free Resources on Roll All rights reserved.

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osiris 5e

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Osiris (4e Deity)

They include deities that are most appropriate for use in a game, divorced from their historical context in the real world and united into pantheons that serve the needs of the game. They sprang from the brook and stream, their might heightened by the Strength of the oak and the beauty of the Woodlands and open moor.

When the first forester dared put a name to the face seen in the bole of a tree or the voice babbling in a brook, these gods forced themselves into being. The Celtic gods are as often served by druids as by clerics, for they are closely aligned with the forces of Nature that druids revere. The Greek Pantheon The gods of Olympus make themselves known with the gentle lap of waves against the shores and the crash of the thunder among the cloud--enshrouded peaks.

The thick boar--infested woods and the sere, olive--covered hillsides hold evidence of their passing. The Egyptian Pantheon is unusual in having three gods responsible for death, each with different alignments. Anubis is the lawful neutral god of the afterlife, who judges the souls of the dead. Set is a chaotic evil god of Murderperhaps best known for killing his brother Osiris. And Nephthys is a chaotic good goddess of mourning. The Norse Pantheon Where the land plummets from the snowy hills into the icy fjords below, where the longboats draw up on to the beach, where the glaciers flow forward and retreat with every fall and spring—this is the land of the Vikings, the home of The Norse Pantheon.

Their powers reflect the need these warriors had for strong leadership and decisive action. Thus, they see their deities in every bend of a river, hear them in the crash of the thunder and the booming of the glaciers, and smell them in the smoke of a burning longhouse.Since the Age of Destinythe people of Osirion have worshiped their own local gods, in addition to those deities venerated throughout the Inner Sea region.

They were most popular during the early days of Osirion, but their faith waned as the Osirian people gradually turned to the worship of foreign deities.

During the Age of Enthronementthe Osirian gods, while continuing to guide Osirion from afar, retreated from Golarion and turned their attention towards the distant land of Kemet. When Osirion was under Keleshite rule, the foreign overlords sought to eradicate the faith in the indigenous gods, but they remain a part of the history of Osirion's land and people, and with the restoration of native Osirian rule, interest in these ancient divinities has been rekindled.

The following deities have been worshiped in Osirion for millennia, though their modern worship has waned significantly in recent centuries. March 13, Gods of Ancient Osirion. Empty Gravesp. Paizo Inc. ISBN Categories : PathfinderWiki featured articles Osirian pantheon Pantheons.Osiris oh-sigh-ris has a powerful and commanding presence, yet those whose hearts are pure and true are very comfortable in his company.

His stern demeanor is cracked only by the antics of playful children, who have been known to make him smile and laugh in delight, and his wife, Isis, whom he loves passionately. However, when confronted by those who violate the principles of maat justice, honor, order, and righteousnessparticularly by despoiling the resting places of the dead, his anger is terrible and his wrath unstoppable. The two most important holy days in the church of Osiris are Highharvestide and Midwinter.

The latter is a solemn, private day during which the sanctity of every burial crypt in Mulhorand is renewed or reinforced so that the dead may continue to rest easy. The Passing to Eternal Contentment and Justice is a sacred ceremony performed during the preparation and burial of the dead. There are three versions of the ceremony--High, Middle, and Low Passing--that are employed during funerals for the royal family, the nobles, and the commoners, respectively.

Many clerics multiclass as paladins, and both clerics and druids sometimes multiclass as rangers.

osiris 5e

Osiris is the son of Geb and long-forgotten Nut. He was slain by Set during a power struggle to succeed Ra in the aftermath of the Orcgate Wars. He was brought back to life by his wife Isis and Nephthys when they mummified his body, giving him eternal life and making him the deity of death.

Osiris and Set are not bitter enemies, but Osiris gladly acceded to the leadership of Horus-Re when Ra chose Horus to succeed him. Osiris also despises and works against Mask. He is friendly with Kelemvorfor they have similar ideas about death and the undead. Goodness, honor, and order are the natural state, and that which leads to evil, treachery, and chaos is by rights unnatural and unlawful.

Goodness and harmony come from living within maat rather than fighting it. An organized approach brings the most good for all. Laws exist to bring prosperity to those under them. Those guidelines must be applied with honor; when honor is lacking in their application, the fair judgment of Osiris is the law.

The justice of Osiris is a lack of partiality.


Be not angered without justice. Great is justice when it is even-handed; in the eyes of truth, a slave and the pharaoh are as one. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. GoodLaw [1]PlantRepose [1]Retribution [1].He was god of the dead and death itself, meting out justice in the afterlife.

He was also a god of plant life, especially as it related to the harvest of food. Osiris was murdered by Set in a struggle to claim the power of slain Re. He was later resurrected by Isis and Nephthys. Osiris was the son of Geb and Nut.

Osiris considered Kelemvor an ally. Osiris and Set were fierce enemies.

osiris 5e

He also countered the will of Mask when possible. ThothNephthysOsirisSetSebek. Creatures were stunned merely by standing in the presence of Osiris. He possessed total control over the undead and non-sentient vegetation. He could kill with a touch, and change shape at will. The will of Osiris was often communicated through animated plants and creatures such as lammasu.

Priest of Osiris. Priests of Osiris spent much of their time traveling Mulhorand and settling disputes. They left serious court matters to the clergy of Horus-Re. They also presided over burial procedures, and served as guardians of the Land of the Dead. The principle temples of the church of Osiris were the Crypt of Shadows located in Jhalhoran and the Gateway to the Afterworldwhich was located in Mishtan.

Many crypts in Mulhorand also contained shrines dedicated to the Judge of the Dead. Active worship of Osiris was small, though all in Mulhorand respected his teachings. Priests of Osiris usually wore linen skirts and sandals.

They shaved their heads and usually wore a headdress. They painted a series of three concentric blue circles on their forehead, a symbol of their priestly calling. When equipping for battle, clergy of the church of Osiris favored the highest quality armor, weapons, and other equipment available, but avoided excessively displaying their wealth.

Horus (5e Deity)

Divine spellcasters of Osiris prayed for spells at dusk. Most Mulhorandi paladins were followers of Osiris. The clergy of Osiris presided over burial proceedings in Mulhorand. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Resurrection of Osiris. Powers and Pantheons. TSR, Incp.

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